Tarragon Mustard

Tarragon Mustard – There is a love or hate relationship between the world’s population and tarragon. Can you guess which side of the debate I am on? Redhead Pantry’s Tarragon Mustard is the most intense of our mustards and it is not because of the tarragon, it is because we only use the brown mustard seed. Sandwiches and sausages for sure, but we like using this mustard with chicken (I need a “chicken fan cheer” from all those people that send me hate mail about the shortage of chicken recipes on this site). We either force the mustard under the skin of the chicken if we are turning a whole chicken on a spit, or we will lift the fond off the bottom of the pan with tarragon mustard and some heavy cream if we are pan frying (not oil frying). I need revisit sandwiches. One of my friends (and you are all my friends) eats pumpernickel sandwiches every day for lunch, and while it started out having sliced ham or chicken in the beginning, he commented that they were not adding anything to the enjoyment of the sandwich so he dropped them and now has Tarragon Mustard sandwiches (there is a little bit of butter on the bread as well). The Tarragon Mustard is the most intense mustard we make at this time.

Nutritional Information

Tarragon Mustard Nutritional Information