Garlic Mustard

Garlic Mustard – This mustard is a blend of both yellow and brown mustard seeds; the brown mustard seeds increase the sharpness because of their pungency.  The garlic flavour is delivered from both the fresh minced garlic as well from the garlic infused oil (that we also make).  If you are a fan of garlic, this mustard may be your newest best friend.  We use it on sandwiches and sausages, but will also rub this mustard into the surface of a pork or beef roast before pulling it in the oven or on the spit of the BBQ.  The whole outside of the roast now becomes the most prized pieces not just the ends.  And the bits that fall off the roast during cooking are a great addition to the gravy.  The Garlic Mustard is one of our mid-range intense mustards.

Nutritional Information

Garlic Mustard Nutritional Information