I was raised on a ranch in Western Canada (Bigstone, Alberta) and attribute my cooking/canning and baking skills to my mom and BBQing, building skills and conceptual thinking to my dad. Both were instrumental in supporting my various endeavours, from a home built 16 foot geodesic dome (it was a wonderful challenge) to hardboiled eggs on a thin crust pizza (from my youthful travel to Italy), hot sauce on everything or caramels in a chocolate cake (the concept was good).

In the beginning of my more recent condiment, catering and food preparation endeavours, I was assisting with the preparation and serving of a roast pig for a local event (Chesterville and District Agricultural Society Annual Fall Fair). I had been asked to prepared a BBQ sauce to be used with the pulled roast pork on a bun. The first year, as I was brewing the sauce, I kept adjusting the ingredients until I had it where I wanted the sauce to be (remember the addition of hot sauce to everything). The sauce was a pretty big hit. Then next year after a few more adjustments, the sauce was developed to the product that we have today. After numerous requests from patrons of the fair for a bottle of the sauce (or the recipe), I started making the batches bigger and putting it in bottles. This story, along with making my favourite jams and jellies for sale is the history that lead to the creation of Redhead Pantry.