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BBQ Meatball Subs

When we are out and about doing demonstrations and promotions we regularly add meatballs coated in Redhead Pantry Gourmet BBQ Sause to our tasting selection.  It allows our guests to experience the flavours of our Gourmet BBQ sauce on meat.  The meatballs are really good this way and are excellent in a sandwich or sub.


  • a package of your favorite pre-cooked frozen meatballs from your local grocery store.  There are usually about 60 meatballs in a 1kg box.  If you want to make your own, please feel free to do that.
  • Redhead Pantry Gourmet BBQ Sauce
  • a nice Cibata roll is prefered, but in a pinch regular sandwich bread works for me
  • a little mayo
  • slice of cheese


Place the meatballs into a pan on the stove oven medium heat and add glug of BBQ Sauce into the pan.  You will want a nice coating over the meatballs, but I wait until the meatballs are heated through to make final sauce adjustments.  Stir occasionally through-out.  When the meatballs have come to a nice hot temperature check to see if they are nicely coated.  Remove from heat.

Toasted bread is always better, but you can also make them untoasted.  I put Mayo on both sides and the slice of cheese on the topside of the bun (some of the sauce will soak into the bottom of the bread before it runs down your arm).  Wedge as many meatballs onto the bun as it will hold with a little bit of the pan sauce and serve (or have them yourself).

You can make the whole package of meatballs at once (recommended) and store the leftovers in the fridge (for mid-night snacks), or only prepare a few at a time (if the meatballs were meant for some other purpose).  Nine meatballs works well for a square loaf sandwich.

To make a nice “bite” of this preparation for entertaining, we purchase mini pitas (2 inchs across) and cut them in half.  Open up the pocket and add a squirt of mayo, a small strip of cheese and stuff one meatball into the pocket.  Serve a bunch of these on a platter and accept the praise.


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