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Baked Brie with Fresh Berries

This recipe for entertaining is a show stopper, both for taste and presentation yet is quick and easy to prepare (10 minutes).


Whole wheel of Brie (select an appropriate size for your party, potentially select two smaller wheels as there will be a crowding issue if you only have one platter).  Remove from the refrigerator an hour ahead of preparation.

a selection of fresh berries or tender fruit (different colours add to a spectacular display).  Blackberries, Red Raspberries, Yellow Raspberries, CranRaisins, diced Aprocots, Blueberries,….

Redhead Pantry – Hot and Honey Ginger Garlic Sauce (H2G2)

Selection of artisanal bread and or crackers

Garnish (optional) Mint leaf buds, chiffonade of basil leafs,….


I use a copper clad frying pan, since I do not own a brie baker.  Over low heat, place the brie into the frying pan and allow the bottom side to slowly heat.  Check regularly, when the bottom of the wheel of cheese is soft and pliable (1/2 inch), flip the brie over in the pan.  Using a knife cut through the top of the rind of the brie in a cross pattern from edge to edge (two cuts).  Peel back the edges of the rind to reveal the center of the creamy goodness. Mound the berries and or tender fruits into the center of the brie and then pour a generous amount of H2G2 over the top of the berries.  I have a clear lid that I put over the pan at this time (to keep some heat in) and allow the cheese to continue to slowly heat until it is melted through and the rind edge breaks.  Remove from heat, garnish with mint leave bud (if your company will notice) and you are done.  I place the pan onto the centre of a large wooden carving board and surround it with a selection of artisanal fruit /nut breads and suitable crackers.

You can also carefully slide the brie out of the pan if you wish to serve it on a regular platter.  If this is your presentation option, you will need to do this before the brie has melted completely through.

Please share the recipe when they ask beg.


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